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So much promise...

Its funny how a picture speaks a thousand words. These two pictures, in my opinion represent Paul Martin of past and of present. A man who's future Prime Ministerialship was said to be of a future legend, but when he finally got there, he proved to be a dud.

So much promise back in 1990:

15 Years later, Paul Martin has proven to be a sad spectacle in the eyes of Canadians (even Liberals). Here is Paul Martin in 2005:

And here is Paul Martin in the House of Commons after losing the 2005 election.

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5/15/2005 06:05:00 PM

In many respects Stephen Harper has transformed himself into the expectation of Paul Martin. He is positioning himself as Paul Martin circa 1995 (minus the corruption).

Paul Martin is not a leader. Even as Prime Minister he is following the lead of Jack Layton - allowing him to write the budget and offering to "pair" his MPs one week after Layton offered the same thing.

It really proves the point that even a monkey could have rode the wave of technologically induced growth in the late 1990's.    

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