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What do I want to write about tonight? There are so many things to talk about in Canada regarding politics and our current government.

But who cares? If I write about it, what will it do? It certainly will not change the voting patterns of a certain province.

Whats the point? Continualy, Canadian citizens are served with scandal after scandal, and continualy the majority of Canadians re-elect this party. Why you ask? Well, its because our Country has become complacent in its requirement for an accountable government.

Im not sure what to think anymore.

What on earth do the Liberals have to do in order to get kicked out of office? Apparently stealing money from its citizens isn't enough.

Here in Canada we have a party (the Liberals) that considers itself the natural governing party, yet its destroying Canada through its arrogance and corruption, supported by a particular provinces incredibly block headed voters, who keep using its majority seat count to vote this party back into power.

I was down in the USA last week and I had some interesting conversations with some democrats. Since most Americans dont pay attention to our Country, I had to fill them in on what was going on in Canada. When I told them that our government is under criminal investigation, yet the majority of Eastern Canadians dont seem to think its a problem, the amercans said "well why not vote them out!?". After telling them that Canadians in the east were scared of a opposition party that was about as right wing as American democrats, they were amazed that we havent stormed 'our version of the Whitehouse.'

How about this. Liberalism is partially about giving minority groups the same equality of the majority. But I was thinking, isn't it odd how minorities in Canada (the west, etc) are not given the same equality (in senate, seats in the commons, etc) as the majority (Ontario)? Seems kinda odd.

Speaking of Alberta, whats gonna happen if Paul Martin Co. win the next election? I have lived here in Alberta for many years, transplanted from BC, but I consider myself a true Albertan. I went to school, college, and University here and worked in the oilfield (true Albertan initiation). I can't deny that I, like most Albertans, get personally offended when PM Martin uses our Province as a scapegoat.

I mean, our province sends Ottawa 11 billion dollars per year in transfer payments, were on the verge of dynamically changing how healthcare is run (and yes us Albertans have probably the best healthcare system in Canada, albiet some is private...yet its still largley free) and our province has the most robust economy in Canada. Yet, were the bad guys? The scape goat? Everytime Less-than-Prime minister PM needs someone to critisize, he takes it out on Alberta.

I think that is a great way to eliminate Western alienation btw.

But I digress.

My fearful assertion is that if PMPM wins another election, Albertans, if given the chance, would in my opinion, vote to separate from this god-forsaken Country we like to call Canada. Cause really, what reason do we have to stay? I am an ardent Canadian, but, jeez, sometimes I even wonder which way I would vote given the chance. This is getting to be too much.

If the Liberals get back into power then Canada is a symbol of corruption. And, for myself, I want no part of that association.

I just hope that Ontarians realize how devastating another Liberal government will be for our great Nation. Quebec goes, then Alberta goes, then what? Perhaps then Ontario really can be the center of the Canada, because Ontario will be the only province left.
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5/05/2005 08:59:00 AM

Hey... we must be brothers. I was born in BB but was raised in AB too...

And I have the exact same sentiment. The only thing that amazes me more than the way Ontarians vote (and when they get millions of dollars for a new this and a new that the moment an election is called, who can blame them) is that Albertans (and to a lesser extent British Columbians) haven't been making more noise about separation. Nobody is taking us seriously because we aren't threatening. Oh sure, we complain, but that is the Canadian way. Maritimers do it all the time, but they aren't about to separate from the gravy train that is Ottawa. Even Ontarians complain all the time. What separates Quebec (whoops...) from the rest of the provinces is Quebec DOES threaten Ottawa - and because their threats have teeth, they get what they want. Check me if I am wrong, but doesn't Quebec have as many military installations as the entire rest of Canada combined? What else is based there as appeasement to keep them happy?

When will Westerners wake up and understand that Ottawa (read: Martin & Co.) will NEVER take us seriously until we make a serious threat. THEN when his western gravy train looks like it is about to leave the station, he will look to placate us.    

5/05/2005 09:14:00 AM

perfectly stated.

The Maritimes vote for more pork & gravy - they really fear reality and will do whatever to keep someone else paying for their good times

Ontario - if it votes Liberal again it will prive that they are A) suckers & B) stupid

Alberta should play theri version ofteh Quebec card and opt out of ALL the Federal Programs & find a way to not send all those train loads of money to Ottawa to fund greed in the Maritimes, stupidity in Ontario and corruption in Quebec.

Go guys go    

5/05/2005 04:04:00 PM

I was born, raised and schooled in Ontario (Ottawa and Toronto) but moved to Alberta in my late 20s. I met my wife here and we have 2 kids. Its been 18 years.

Ontarians are very insular. Southern Ontario is quite a nice place in terms of climate. They have a great big city, the New York of Canada. They have a fantastic industrial base and a huge population base compared to the rest of us. There are a lot of "old money" (Family Compact-type) families, and below them in the pecking order, a lot of well off families that find life quite satisfying the way it is. Just as the U.S. views Canada, Ontario really doesn't take much notice of Alberta or what matters to us.

My own family in Ontario has no idea about what Alberta is like, beyond the hick stereotypes. They don't care.

But there is an undeniable shift in power to Alberta, due to oil wealth. They hate paying high oil and gas prices into our pockets. Although Ontario will not be usurped in my lifetime, Ontarians are vaguely uncomfortable with the fact that there are a lot more wealthy and powerful people in Alberta than ever before. The current Conservative leadership is clear evidence of it.

So the GTA cannot accept Harper because they would then be accepting Alberta's new role in the balance of power. This is what really matters underneath the B.S. rhetoric on health care, so-cons, etc.    

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