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More bad news for Martin

Sudan rejects Canada's offer of military advisors

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Sudan has rejected a Canadian plan to send military advisors to the troubled Darfur region, saying Ottawa had not consulted Khartoum on its plan, the Sudanese embassy said on Friday.

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin announced on Thursday a C$170 million ($136 million) aid package for Darfur, where thousands of people have been killed and two million displaced in a bloody civil war.

Martin also said Canada would send up to 100 military experts to help a African Union force in the region.

In a press release dated Thursday, the Sudanese embassy complained that Khartoum had not been consulted in advance about the plan.

"(We) would like to affirm that the unwavering position of the Sudanese government ... is categorically rejecting (sic) any deployment of non-African military personnel in the Darfur region. Any logistical and financial support is most welcomed," said the release, which was sent to Reuters on Friday.

"It is to be as well stated that any future efforts or plans on Darfur should be worked out and finalized with the satisfaction and full approval of the Sudanese government."

No one from Martin's office or the Canadian foreign ministry was immediately available for comment.

An African Union force of more than 2,300 soldiers and hundreds of civilian police are deployed in Darfur to monitor a shaky ceasefire agreed to in April of last year between mostly non-Arab rebels and the Arab-dominated government in Khartoum.
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5/13/2005 09:49:00 PM

What did he expect them to do there anyway? I still can't figure it out.    

5/13/2005 11:40:00 PM

Martin doesn't care as long as he looks like he's doing something on TV. All these promises of spending are so much blather. He has had no spending authority since the first non-confidence motion passed in the House. Now that we are at 4 non confidence motions and counting what else is the moron to do? Oh, let's see... go to the Maritimes and announce another Day Care initiative and funding.
By the time he gets done he will have promised everybody everything right down to the carpets in the House of Commons.
This is an international embarassment and disgrace.
Not to mention the damage throughout the country.    

5/13/2005 11:53:00 PM

Funny how the CBC or CTV haven't announced the official "F@ck off we don't need/want your help." to the Canadian public?

Spiderman's Web    

5/14/2005 12:11:00 AM

No, this is *exactly* what Paul Martin wants. He knows Canada can't deliver troops anyway - we don't have enough soldiers and no real way of getting them there. This way he can say "sure, we'll accede to your wishes. We won't send you any troops, and we promise you $$$ for logistics etc" (and he won't have to deliver).    

5/14/2005 05:13:00 PM

Before Canada goes to war with Sudan, doesn't Parliament need to take a vote on it first?    

10/27/2005 05:12:00 PM

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