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Lost the battle to win the war

Man, I hit up the Green Day concert the other night at Rexall Place here in Edmonton. What a concert! I’m starting to feel old, as I remember I was a teenager when their first album came out in 1993; there were so many young kids there that probably weren’t even around when their first album came out!

Sometimes life just passes you by. Too often are we so focused on the future, you know, 4 years till I finish my degree, 2 years till I earn my professional designation, 15 years till I become partner of the firm...were so busy focusing on the future that we often fail to appreciate the present. But the reason you focus on the future is to achieve your vision of yourself, to define your life, to become who you want to be.

And what disheartens me is that none of our country's leaders have offered us a vision for our Country. Pierre Trudeau, for all his faults, had a vision for our Country. And I respect that. Although his vision for Canada is not similar to mine, at least he had one.

Are our politicians an example of us Canadians?

Do we have no collective vision for our Country? And if not, why?

In business, if there is an industry that is lacking of innovation then the first company that offers a viable solution to the industry’s main problem, often the company will succeed. This is similar to Canadian politics. There is currently a market for a leader to offer a strong vision of Canada, based on principles and vision, and Stephen Harper should be capitalizing on that. He should be not be scared to be different then the Liberals. He should boldly proclaim to us his vision of Canada.

We live in a Country of apathy. And it makes you think, maybe apathy is a product of socialism? People are so used to having 'other' people do things for them, that they fail to care about anything.

The simple fact that a government can stay in power even though they are being investigated of stealing tax payer dollars is sad. The Liberals in Canada are abusing the trust of Canadians, and to tell you the truth, we know it but we don’t care.

Do you think that the accountants at Enron were allowed to continue practicing while they were awaiting their trial? I highly doubt it. Now think about the government, the simple fact that our Government is under investigation is enough to make me realize that they are not fit to govern. But they still are.

Think about it though, the Liberal government is only in power because the speaker had to break the tie in the vote last week. Conservatism has come a long way since its back was broken when they were reduced to two seats back in 1993. Soon there will be a Conservative government. Maybe not this summer, or maybe not next, but it will happen. There is a movement across the Country. More and more people are questioning Liberalism.

It’s funny to see Martin declare that he has a majority in the House of Commons. Several years ago, the idea that the party would be clinging to power by the vote of the speaker would be laughable. Paul Martin had to cling to power through vote buying and by fundamentally changing the budget; it’s pathetic. And I bet that Jean Chrétien is sitting in his chair, watching the news, and smiling. Laughing at how desperate Paul Martin has become, but likely sad that his party will be forever tainted.

When the vote on the Budget went to the Liberals on Thursday, I had to admit, I was right choked up. But, I thought, this is good for the Conservatives. The Liberals are only further destroying their chances of being re-elected. In a year’s time, after putting up with more BS from the Martin government, people will be looking for another party to vote for. And if the Conservatives do a good job selling their ideology and vision to Canadians, maybe, just maybe they will be elected.

Don’t fret, because as Stephen Harper correctly put it, we've lost the battle in order to win the war.
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5/22/2005 12:59:00 AM

comments have been suspended at AC site across the board.

This isn't pretty.    

5/22/2005 12:07:00 PM

I just read AC's comments. I must say I am not surprised by his actions. The tone and quality of the comments had deteriorated drastically. Let's all keep in mind it is possible to critique without resorting to the lowest (un)common denominator. Surely we can all do better.    

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