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The importance of the next federal election

What Western Canadian's fail to grasp is the concept of what voting against the Conservative Party and for the Liberals means for our bargaining power at the table of Confederation...

For far too long, Western Canadians have never truly had a say in the matters of our country. Except for the rule of JohnDeifenbaker and a short term of Joe Clark, Prime Ministers for the most part have been from Quebec. I don't count John Turner asbeing a Westerner as he was parachuted into a safe Vancouver riding after he was elected as the leader of the Liberals.

Eastern Canada does not understand our loathing of what is called Federalism, of what suits Ontario and Quebec best, at the expenseof Western Canadians and our distinct feeling of being left at the alter as a jilted bride or groom.

Ontario appears entrenched to hand back to the Liberals either a minority government supported by the NDP party who may increasetheir own seats, rather than entertain the possibility that the center of their long held strangle on the machinations of governmentcould swing to the West.

This election should not be fought on what Adscam was, what the Liberal corruption was and still is, or any other myriad of Liberalsleaze they have been associated with. It is not about gay rights, it is not about more money for whatever program that is fancied.

No, Western Canada stands at the brink of taking their rightful place within Confederation with a Western Prime Minister whounderstands our feelings of alienation as well as understanding the factions that range completely across the country from sea tosea.

Never mind the rhetoric of mumble jumble and lies that the Liberals will ratchet up once the campaign is underway. This election isnot about the fear mongering of a party that has no other concept of governing, other than their perpetuity to believe they have theinherent right to do so.

This is why it is so important that Western Canadians understand what this election truly means; Western Canada's time to be notionly included in Confederation, but to lead.

Written by: Warren Kommishoner

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5/05/2005 03:31:00 PM

Dear WK:

I hear you. I'm a life-long resident of Ontario (though I spent a summer in Lethbridge, Alberta [beautiful city, loved Waterton park]). I've always voted small "c" conservative. I am a little upset, however, that a number of Westerners (however many is another debate) paint all Ontarians with one brush stroke. There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of Ontarians who regularly vote conservative. In the last election there were about as many people in Ontario who voted conservative as there are residents of Alberta. In this next election, there will be even more.

Yet, of course, there were as many people in Ontario who voted Liberal as there are residents of British Colombia.

The reason? It is not ultimately because many in Ontario are sheep (though this is true), nor because many in Ontario are apathetic about politics (though this is true), nor because many in Ontario take the media at their word without thinking about it (though this is true), but it is ultimately because many in Ontario are red (read: liberal) on social issues and oftentimes on fiscal issues. They've not given much thought to the issues, this is true, but when you push them into a corner, they'll start admitting that they are rather left-leaning in their ideology. And why? Who's to blame? Harper? No. Martin? No. The media? No.

Only themselves.

But there is hope. Despite all the polls you've heard or seen, Conservative support in Ontario is growing. People are talking. Screw the media. In coffee shops, in living rooms, in restaurants, (I'm not gonna add "church basements" because Christians in Ontario vote conservative; well, real Christians, anyway) people are talking and the buzz is all about anger at the Liberals.

At the end of the day, we can complain about this that or the next thing, but if the Conservatives, if we, don't campaign hard hard hard, we're just going to be complaining again. The message must get out in Ontario. Complaining won't do any good. Campaign, speak, convey, inform -- we must get to work in Ontario.

And if we do, there is hope.    

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