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Harpers hurting his chances

At first when I read that Stephen Harper is aligning himself with the Bloc to bring down the Liberals, I didn't think the negative publicity about would stick. However, I forgot about how the Canadian media would react. Right now, in the media, Harper is looking like he is 'in bed' with the separatists. Reading this link tells me that this alliance is not helping Harper, only hurting him. Although, I think it is quite a double standard that when the Tories supported the other Liberal bills, yet the NDP and the Bloc voted against them, the Canadian media was not making headlines about a NDP-Bloc Alliance.

Furthermore, although I think it is quite obvious that Harper is right when he says the Liberals are planning to have the vote so that a sick Tory MP will not be able to make the vote, the common Canadian thinks he has sunk to a new low. Further proof of just how dirty Team Martin really is right here. Warren Kinsella, a Liberal, mentions that he almost quit the Liberal party when he found out that Team Martin took advantage of a fellow Liberal who was out of town, due to a illness in his family, and essentially hijacked the MP's nomination in favor of a Martin Liberal.

I don’t think this current claim about sick MP’s that Harper is advocating is helping his case to become Prime Minister, especially to the glazed over eyes of the Ontario electorate. In contrast, the NDP are looking angelic in eyes of left wing voters because Layton is refraining from joining the alliance between the Bloc and the Tories. I think it is quite ignorant of Layton to even think that his budget measures will ever be implicated. But as of right now, he is too deep to change his position, and therefore, is further hurting the Tory chances. Although this is good strategy for Laytons party, siding with the corrupt, free spending Liberals will probably even that out when a vote comes.

I am so sick of Canadians complaining that a election shouldn’t occur because its either too expensive or that they simply don’t want one because of last vote was so recent. Well, suck it up people. Two hundred and fifty million dollars for an election is justifiably because the Liberal have been proven to be guilty in the eyes of the voter. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, the simple fact that our government is under criminal investigation is enough for me to ascertain that they are not fit to be in office. Forget Gomery, he may not even report, and under his mandate, is not even allowed to point fingers. Secondly, who ever wants an election? Really, no body does. But the reason we are going to have one is because the electorate gave us a Minority government. These are the benefits/non-benefits of a minority government. Deal with it.

Getting back to Harper. Although in a educated voters eyes, what Harper is currently doing is just and deserving, most of the electorate are so ill-advised, that they think that he is being 'mean' and 'opportunistic'. Well, the leader of the Opposition is supposed to hold the government to account, and this is exactly what he is currently doing. However, I think he must to become a bit less obvious in his quest to bring down the government and rise to power, because to the average voter, this looks 'opportunistic'. We have to remember, there are a lot of voters that base their vote on headlines, and as we all know in this country, headlines are usually soft on Liberals and harder on the Tories.

So, I guess I may be proved wrong, though, rather I hope I am. Because if Canadians begin to belive that Harper is a power hungry politician (but name me one who isn't) then he may lose a lot of the left wing vote. Though, I could not fathom how any left wing voter could vote for the Liberals, but I do realize there are many out there, and those are the ones that are going to hurt Harpers chances of becoming a PM if he continues this type of strategy.
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5/12/2005 08:05:00 PM

Two hundred and fifty million dollars for an election is justifiably because the Liberal have been proven to be guilty in the eyes of the voter.

It will cost $250 million in December too. Since the average mandate of a government is four years and the difference between now and December is seven months that would put the TRUE cost of having the election now at around $38 million    

5/12/2005 08:32:00 PM

Oh, boy. I think for my own health I have to read less. The more of this stuff I read, the higher my blood pressure is rising.

If those idiots who defend the liberal or drone on about not wanting elections are indicitave of the level of understanding in Canada then every teacher in the country should be fired for incompetence. How do people not know better? Did no one learn how to think? How stupid can people be? AAAAAAAAARGH!!!

I can't even describe how frustrated and sickened I am at the moment. I dispise the people I have to share my country with. They aren't worthy of a vote.

I'm going to bed.    

5/14/2005 01:04:00 AM

Matt, you've been watching too much MSM. And I'm possibly reading this a day later than you wrote it (for some reason your site is teeny tiny & I have to cut & paste posts into notepad or Word to read them) and can't tell.

Broadbent's offer to "pair" with Stinson should make it clear to the thickest of voters that Harper is/was right (paraphrase: "not take advantage of a sick MP"). Brison's response (maybe not a response, maybe a response to an unrelated question, yup uh huh) paraphrase "I don't agree. Not everyone can make it to every vote. That's the way it works."

Harper is right. Canadians are so used to the BS and disingenuousness of politicians that they "can't handle the truth" (to quote a good movie line). Canadians need to wake up. Gentle alarm clocks aren't working.

My 2c    

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