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Word of wisdom from an idiot

This makes me embarrassed to be from Vancouver. - mkb

Early federal election would be 'stupid,' says Vancouver mayor

VANCOUVER - Vancouver Mayor Larry Campbell says he hopes that nobody does anything that would force a federal election before Prime Minister Paul Martin delivers on his promise to share gas tax revenues with municipalities. Campbell and other big-city mayors had fought for the commitment, and he worries a Conservative government wouldn't follow through on the fuel tax transfers.

The mayor says like many Canadians, he's angry about the sponsorship scandal. But he says the opposition should wait until the Gomery inquiry is complete before deciding what to do.

"My biggest concern is that nobody does anything stupid in Ottawa," said Campbell. "What would you consider stupid?" asked a reporter. "Calling an election. I'd consider it extremely stupid," replied the mayor. Campbell made the comments while touring the Vancouver SeaBus terminal with Martin on Friday morning. Martin is in B.C. to sign an agreement to transfer more than $600 million in gas tax revenues. Most of the money will go to TransLink – for roads, transit, and other projects in the Lower Mainland.

This isn't the first time Campbell has spoken out against the possibility of a Conservative government. Last year, he warned other big-city mayors that the Harper Conservatives would take Canadian cities "back to the '50s."
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4/15/2005 06:58:00 PM

The Gas tax and "New Deal for Cities" is the primary means for Ottawa to sidestep Provincial Jurisdiction and centralize power. 80% of GDP is produced in municipalities with populations greater than 10,000, and the Gas Tax Revenue is how ottawa plans to obtain more federal spending power. Cities are "creatures of the provinces" but under this regime, they become "creatures of the Federal Government".    

4/15/2005 07:23:00 PM

If Harper could take London, Ontario back to the 50's he'd be doing us a great favour. Alas, it's not in his power to do so.    

4/15/2005 10:40:00 PM

Larry Campbell is an almost-competent mayor (in Vancouver he gets a free pass for being less of a whacko nutbar than most of his council), but when it comes to Federal (or even Provincial) politics, he should just shut the f*<# up. He did this in the election campaign last year, too - went mouthing off about Harper (the usual crap: "scary, redneck, american-style, hidden agenda").


4/16/2005 01:09:00 AM

Hey, mkb, it's not called "La La Land" for nothing! Do a google on "BC politicians"+scandal and you'll get 41 entries in 23 seconds. The Reform Party scared the bejeezus out of BC (no surprise, last I heard Vander Zalm was heading the provincial Reform Party...about 5-10 years after being drummed out of the office of Premier for conflict of interest).

You need to find a very LOUD conservative (who looks very liberal, perhaps Svend Robinson has a clone?) to spout the CPC line whenever wingnuts like Larry Campbell spout off.

Or do what I did & move (back) to AB. ;-)    

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