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Victims of their own corruption

Well, after claiming that there was no room for compromise for removing the Kyoto provision from the Federal budget bill, there seems to be a change of heart within the Liberal government.

Two weeks ago Opposition Leader Stephen Harper adamantly declared that he would bring the government to its knee's if it attempted to slip this costly Kyoto provision in to the Federal Budget through “the back door.” The Liberals then played the innocence card and attempted to make it look like it was Big Bad Harper who was going to cause an unnecessary election.

When Martin was exposed for trying to use his ‘democratic deficit slaying’ methods of government to slide in a non-debated Kyoto provision into the budget, he firmly stated there was no room for compromise.

However, this was before the "devastating" testimony from Jean Brault that is rumored to be so damaging that the government may be defeated (if it were to go to the Polls) over possible criminal elements to their election funding campaigns.

Now it seems, as of today, the Liberals reversed their stance and removed it from the government bill.

Compromise? Liberals? Compromise? Huh? This is unheard of! This is the Liberals, they don’t bend over for anyone that’s not a Liberal (or a Quebec Advertising Firm).

But I say it is because of fear and it exposes their guilt.

The arrogant liberals would never ever pull an 'about face' to an opposition party, they would rather go to the polls just to prove their arrogance. That is, however, unless they felt they knew they were in trouble or should I say…no I shouldn’t…ok I will… unless they knew they were guilty.

By removing the Kyoto provision, and essentially prolonging an election, it appears that the Lib’s do not want to go to the polls. Perhaps by removing the provision they are subtly, yet unconsciously, admitting to an association of guilt regarding what was said in the banned testimony? Surely it’s not about Canadians needing the facts before we go to the polls, cause if we really needed to know the facts, our all knowing government wouldn’t have censored them.

Why else would they remove the Kyoto provision, I mean, why else would they not want to go to an election? Dithers' keeps making big claims that "Canadians should know the facts before they go to the polls!" Ya, that, uh, hmm, how do I put this...I got an idea then Dithers, if you wanted us to know the facts then you would have removed the publication ban, so that can't be the reason.


Well PMPM (Paul Martin) claims "well the Canadians don’t want to go to the polls." But to tell you the truth, I am quite happy to go to an election Paul; in fact the polling office is right near my condo. You know, if an election were called in the winter then Canadians would be pissed. But really, its getting nice out now, most of us Canadians have went through a very cold winter, and you know Paul, its getting warm out, and being outside is always a good time for Canadians in the spring. So hey, PMPM, quit telling people I said something when I really didn’t!

Well now I am confused, let’s deconstruct this:

A month ago the Liberals vowed to fight an election over Gay Marriage and Kyoto, meanwhile the Gomery Commission was hardly finished finding the facts.

Then there was the damming testimony;

Then, the Kyoto provision is pulled from the budget enabling the Liberals to avoid an election. Dithers defends his move by claiming that Canadians don’t want an election till the facts are found and the inquiry is finished.

But what about last month?

Dithers' claims about Canadians needing the facts before an election didn’t seem to be an issue when he claimed that he’d go to the polls over these divisive topics back in January/February.


Then Liberals call in the Federal Police to investigate….get this…to investigate itself! That’s a great line. But why weren’t the RCMP called in before hand? Was it because they have the power to lay charges and the Commission doesn’t? Oh, that’s an interesting thought. Mr. Martin should watch out because the RCMP always gets their man, and I’m quite sure they are capable of getting a whole political party if needed.

PMPM says that I told to him that I don’t want to go to the polls with out the facts, yet he is refusing to use his Prime Ministerial power to remove the un-democratic publication ban so that I can learn the facts.

Surely Mr. Martin, you said you didn't know about the scandal, nor did you have any thing to do with it, then why Mr. Martin, would not want to let Canadians find out the facts?

You can't use Brault’s trial as an excuse because it was your government that mysteriously started his trial during the Gomery Commision. Then advocated the ban on his inquiry testimony because it was mysteriously scheduled near his trial and he needed ‘unbiased jurors’…actually that would have covered up the whole testimony pretty good if it weren’t for that American Blogger. That is some damn good strategic planning if you think about it.

Speaking of unbiased jurors; if the criminal trial is in Quebec, regardless of the testimony, how on earth are they going to find an unbiased Quebecer? I mean they all hate the liberals because of this. Once again, another false excuse.

Mr. Dithers, why would you care about a fair trial for someone who is implicated in a corruption scandal that stole the money of citizens you supposedly represent? Also, you have the ability to authorize for a panel of judges to decide the verdict instead of a jury, why not do that and then release the publication ban so us Canadians can ‘know the facts.’

When you came to power you said that there was a democratic deficit, and maybe this publication ban is a new form of increased democracy, but Im still trying to figure that one out.

Also Mr. Martin are you mad that someone is breaking the Liberal ‘nudge ‘nudge, *wink *wink code of silence and destroying your Party, its reputation, and exposing your party for what it really is: victims...of its own corruption?

Oh and one other thing, last month Prime Minister Paul Martin was a Warrior for Rights, defending the Charter of Rights and freedoms from all who dare to limit our rights, if your Canadian, you'll understand what I am talking about.

Since Human Rights Superhero Paul Martin is such a defender of and I quote "personal rights and freedoms" then what about the fundamental freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication?

Looks like we've found Human Rights Hero Martin's kryptonite. Perhaps its... *cough * anything that would threaten *cough* the liberal party's position in power*cough.

Written by:
M.K. Braaten
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4/06/2005 12:16:00 AM

PMPM should give the $161 million he funnelled through CSL back to Canadians. Yeah, real great business acumen - feeding at the public through for subsidies.    

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