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Paul Martin's Hidden Agenda

Well, I think Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin is pulling a fast one here; he's utilizing the political capital gained by his recent Ballistic Missile Defense decision to ‘trick’ Canadians to think he would never put us in a position of losing our sovereignty, or put us in bed with the Bush regime. Effectively, though, as a result of the integrated North American agreement he recently signed with George Bush, we are no longer a sovereign nation. What is shocking is why Canadians do not have a problem with the integration plan when really it causes Canada to be less sovereign then the BMD agreement would have.

Throughout Paul Martins political career, he was considered the right wing champion of the ruling Canadian Liberal Party through his fiscal conservative policies and his conservative values. However, when he became Prime Minister he seemed to have an epiphany of sorts in that he went over to the other side of the political spectrum – the far, far left side. This seems odd – he must have had a reason for this change of thinking. For example the Martin governments latest Budget is the complete opposite of the fiscal conservatism ideology he seemed to represent in the past when he was the Finance minister in the Chrétien era.

What intrigues me is Prime Minister Paul Martins’ continual demonizing of Opposition leader Stephen Harper by saying that he has a ‘hidden agenda’ to integrate Canada with America. During the last election that was the theme of the Liberals election strategy, with the goal of hoping to scare Canadians enough so that they wouldn’t vote for Harpers political party -- and it worked. Now, as a result of this integration agreement it seems its as if he was calling the kettle black. He sounds like a bad liar trying to cover up his true motives; his true motives are unconsciously exposed by his constant talk of Harper’s “Hidden Agenda” --- Martin is just trying to cover up his own agenda.

This smokescreen seems to work: Pretend to be a far left wing politician; spending large amounts on social programs, with the goal of duping the left wing Canadians into thinking you represent them, while sliding the sovereignty of Canada under the door to George Bush. Canadians are too caught up thinking he’s a champion of Liberal ideology when really he just the opposite…he just needed people to think that in order for him to be able to implement his hidden agenda. And by saying no to the BMD the Canadian electorate thinks that Martin is keeping his distance from the Bush administration. However, he has effectively pulled us even much closer to the Bush administration through this integration agreement.

Why aren’t Canadians opposed to this agreement as much as they were to the Ballistic Missile Defense agreement?! If you look past the feel-good news paper stories regarding this agreement there are some very serious aspects of sovereignty that Canadians will be giving up, all in the name of security. And the reason we need to be secure is not because of world wide hate for Canada but because of the consequences (blowback) from the US government's past atrocities and self-serving foreign policy. From a security standpoint, Canadians will end up losing personal liberties, similar to how many Americans have under the “Patriot Act”, so that our continent can be secure from the enemies of the USA.

We are essentially sacrificing our liberties so that Americans can be safe.

Aside from the obvious loss of jobs to Mexico, and the even more blatant resource grab from Canadian soils, the agreement includes:

-Intelligence 'partnerships' or more accurately giving the CIA free reign on Canadians privacy.

-Border-security strategies: integrated database containing personal information such as driving records, fines, etc.

-Improvements to aviation and maritime security: increased access for the US military in Canadian airspace and ocean-space.

As much as Prime Minister Paul Martin and President George Bush want to call these agreements 'partnerships', the CIA, US Military, and other US agencies (FEMA) will supercede any of our agencies because of their power, size, and superiority over the Canadian counterparts. This imbalance of power will give USA precedence in any decision regarding security and other national interests. I am not saying that immediately we will be taken over by the CIA / US Military, but the door is now open and the agreement’s scope could easily be increased.

Bush is effectively using his farce War on Terrorism as an excuse to why integration is needed. Canada has not been a target for terrorism; however, by symbolically aligning our selves with the USA, Canada has now become a new target for terrorism because of the symbolic position we have now entered into. Not only will the Bush regime have indirect control over our privacy and national security vis-à-vis the CIA, the USA will now be able to dictate Canada’s foreign policy. And because we are no longer independent entities, rather a greater dominion of nations, the USA can pressure Canada to change its military policies for the good of the ‘greater dominion’ (USA).

If Canadians think that this agreement isn’t far reaching in terms of letting the tentacles of the Bush administration seep into Ottawa, then they are dead wrong. The North American integration plan is designed to diversify the costs and responsibilities for American imperialism and the consequences of its divisive foreign policy to Canada and Mexico; while at the same time strategically gaining access to Canadian resources and Mexican cheap labor. Canadians should be protesting this agreement much more then our opposition to the BMD decision and it’s outrageous that we aren’t. Prime Minister Paul Martin is a hypocrite for claiming to serve the interests of Canadians when really he is serving the interest of the Bush Administration. Face it, Canada is not gaining anything from this agreement; it is opening itself up to be indirectly controlled by the Bush Administration’s imperialist policies.

Written by:
M.K. Braaten
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4/02/2005 12:05:00 PM

What can you expect from a political party whose primary criterion for membership seems to be that you are either an oppressed minority, a white male buffoon, or a bitchy feminist that wears funky glasses.    

4/02/2005 05:34:00 PM

Are you talking about the NDP?    

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