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A look back to Liberal scandals of the past

Warren Kommishoner forwarded me this site which documents alot of scandals of our ruling government. I put some on this post but there is much, much more at the source :

In the beginning, 1993:

1. Liberals flip flop on promise to rid G.S.T.

2. Chretien concurred with Alberta on the idea of a Triple E Senate, then turns around and said, the idea was a joke, and treats it as such, by refusing to appoint the senators that were voted for by the people of Alberta...

3. Liberals kill program, to replace aging Sea-King helicopters, resulting in a crash, that killed several Canadian servicemen. Prime Minister Chrétien quickly scrapped a contract signed by the previous Conservative government to buy EM-101 military helicopters from Agusta-Westland. To rescind the original contract cost Canadians some $500 million not to have helicopters. It was the only promise that the liberals kept.
" Canada does not need Cadillac aircraft, I will take my pen and write zero helicopters and I will not lose one night' sleep over it"
-Jean Chretien

4. Oct.1994-Conflict of interest question regarding, then Heritage Minister Michael Dupuy and CRTC.-Result ...Sheila Copps.

5. 1995 Air bus scandal, bringing about a suit, by former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

6. 1996 Youth Minister Andrew's use of a government credit card for her own personal use.

7. 1996 Transport Minister David Collenette forced to resign after interfering with decisions made in the department of immigration.

8. Chretien tells Manitoba Students that he regularly meets with a homeless man in Ottawa. Media attempts to find such prove futile.

9. Chretien claims to pop into bars in his riding of Shawinigan to keep in touch with voters and how they feel. Media attempts to find someone who saw him in a local bar prove futile.

10. 1997 Somalia cover-up.

11. 1998 Finance Minister Paul Martin, cooks books on HRDC.

12. 1998 Bernard Desault, chief actuary of CPP fired. Says that he was sacked, for refusing to fudge figures, for Paul Martin.

13. Billions of dollars in grants to Bombardier.

14. APEC scandal...Pepper spray.

15. Golf Gate...Jean Chretien.

16. Hotel Gate...Jean Chretien phones the president Francois Beaudion of a crown corporation; Business Development Bank, to pressure him into granting a loan to a friend, Yvon Duhaime, so that he could buy a hotel that was once owned by him [Jean Chretien]. A sure sign of influence pedaling. In the mean time Chretien writes a letter to the National Post and denies the fact. [Edmonton Sun]

17. Francis Beaudion was fired as president, and is suing the business development Bank, saying he was forced out in 1999 after recommending that the Business Development Bank foreclose on Duhaime's loan for the inn. [Edmonton Sun]

18. Government's refusal to use notwithstanding clause in B.C. child pornography case. Ann McLellan and the liberals have turned justice into an oxy moron.

19. Tainted blood cover-up involving Allan Rock. [RCMP investigating]

20. Chretien caused an international embarrassment by neglecting to attend the funeral, of Jordan's King Hussien. [ Skiing in BC instead. So he claimed. He was actually at a, private for profit, Minnesota drug treatment center in 2tier USA, seeking treatment for a family member.]

21. $15,000 of federal funding went to what was deemed, by the Saskatchewan party, as shear PEDOPHLIA to a film festival in Regina. Sask. Party MLAs were shocked to the point of tears at this spectacle.

22. A widespread kickback scheme involving military personnel and gas stations is revealed

23. Ottawa has violated its own rules in awarding a military training contract to Bombardier

Since the dawn of the century, (Jan 1/ 2000):
1. Studies show that more money is spent to take care of an individual convict, than on a member of the armed forces, who defends his country.

2. The Jane Stewart, EI billion dollar glitch. Stewart asked for more money to investigate the fiasco. To this day we are not sure where the money went. Stewart was never asked to resign.

3. FIVE RCMP investigations in Jean Chretien's riding of St. Maurice regarding federal grants. To date two civil servants have been charged.

4. Chretien's second international embarrassment. Insulting Palestinian intelligence, regarding Middle East conflict.

5. RCMP commercial crimes unit has open file on B.C. Liberal MP, Lou Sekora. Alleged bribery.

6. Paul Martin endorses what the FBI regards as the world's, most ruthless terrorist groups, [Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelim], with his attendance at their fund raising dinner. Calls the critics of his actions ,"anti Canadian."

7. Canada Council grant of fifty thousand dollars, an obscene amount, given to B.C. university prof. to study of all things, hookers. [Is that the price of lust these days?] Has any one heard anything about what that study yielded?

8. A $98,090 grant to Edimag Inc. of Montreal from Heritage Canada to publish a book of "dumb blonde jokes". This is Sheila Copps' dept.

9. $85,000 in untendered contracts from the Canada Information Office (CIO) to Administration Leblanc & Leblanc.

10. $2.1 Million to a MediaVision Inc. -- a Montreal firm with close Liberal ties to handle cheques for federal event sponsorship in Quebec. Each cheque the firm hands out costs the taxpayers about $2,300 each. The CIO refuses to reveal all the participants or how much it spent on a two day 1997 retreat that brought American liberal Democratic strategist, James Carville to Montreal.

11. Sea-King helicopter crash, in the pacific, off Pearl Harbor, after being certified as O.K. Chretien's third international embarrassment.

12. Federal Government's neglect, to treat peace keepers for post trauma stress, as well as, dealing with pension problems.

13. Reports of major abuses by the federal government on it's armed forces are being reported at the rate of almost one per week.

14. The federal government has declared that any one with an annual income below twenty thousand dollars per year is living below the poverty level. The obscene part here is that, six billion dollars, in taxes by the federal government, was extracted from that group.

15. Chretien the man, with compassion, who speaks to the homeless, tells the poor of the third world countries, "to buy cell phones." Fourth international embarrassment.

16. Chretien admits, having fun about calling an election. He is more concerned about his own position of power rather than the will of the people.

17. Auditor General's report reveals, liberal fiscal management incompetent. Dollar plunges.

18. Auditor General's report reveals, Chretien spent 100 million dollars on a park, in Ontario, without the authorization of parliament.

19. Auditor General's report reveals, HRDC is a slush fund for legalized stealing.

20. Who said the government wasn't in the credit granting business? An employee at Environment Canada used the government credit card to pay $7400 to fix his own car. While waiting for his car, he also used the credit card for grocery shopping. Now we're waiting for him to pay it. P.S. No charges were laid!! -Canadian Alliance Waste Report.

(1) Slippery Blisses... "A film on the history of kissing , as well as an exploration of the contemporary and cultural significance of kissing." $123,924.34

22. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police charged Pierre Corbeil, an organizer for the Liberal party in Quebec, with four counts of influence peddling for asking companies seeking grants to pay him money. He pleaded guilty and was fined $34,500.-National Post.

23. A million and change from the HRDC used in a job creation program that created only nine jobs .

24. Chretien dismisses multimillion dollar job grants scandal as akin to the mistakes that couples make when balancing their chequebooks.

25. Human Resources and Development Canada mismanages job-grants programs and the government continues to understate the problem.

26. CIDA grants a $6.3-million contract to a company headed by a friend of Prime Minister Jean Chrétien

This was the best that John Chretien promised would come. All in the last six months of the year 2000. Another liberal promise kept.

Since the 2000 Election:

1. Total ongoing RCMP investigations, on various members of the federal government. TO DATE, FIFTEEN.

2. January, 2001 Chretien claims to have made Alberta rich? (What has he got against the rest of Canada?)

3. February, 2001 Jean Chretien try's to buy Joe Clark's silence on hotel gate.

4. Auditor generals report indicates "all" government departments out of control, regarding spending. (Example, Western Economic Development, A group of Ottawa bureaucrats telling Alberta how to be successful!)

5. Diane Francis reveals in National Post, Industry Minister Brian Tobin has no knowledge of business or economics. Ms. Francis implies that Tobin is all mouth and no substance. (Are you surprised?)

6. Parliament votes down a motion (Their own red book promise) to have an independent ethics commissioner.

7. On a "team Canada" mission to China, Chretien avoids discussion of democracy.

8. On the same mission Chretien makes the claim, "All Asians Look Alike!" Fifth international embarrassment. (Left wing press strangely quiet on the two above items)

9. March, 2001 While billions of tax payer dollars are wasted with impunity, a mere 500 million, in crumbs is doled out to the farmers in an aid package for drought. Western Farmers were told that they would have to vote more liberal MPs to Ottawa, if they wanted more help.

10. Chretien attempts to clear himself on golf gate and hotel gate with a piece of scrap paper.

11. Hedy Fry, able Minister of Multiculturalism claims to have received a letter from Prince George BC's Mayor regarding incidents of cross burnings. "As we speak, there are cross burnings in BC"

12. April, 2001 Justice Silcoff , a former lawyer who was a partner in the firm representing the golf course, which Chretien owned shares in, orders destruction of documents belonging to Francois Beaudion, who was fired from The Federal Business development Bank, marking the beginning of the end of democracy for Canada. Since Chretien appoints the judges. This sets a precedent, that any information, that the Prime Minister deems a detriment to his power, can be ordered destroyed.

13. June, 2001. Opposition parties accused Jean Chretien of being arrogant after the Prime Minister suggested Canadians love to complain about the federal government, whether they live in the West, in the Maritimes, or in central Canada.

14. Liberal MP Tom Wappel writes letter to Jim Baxter, 81 year old war veteran asking why he should help him win war veterans benefits when Mr. Baxter hadn't supported him in the November election.

15. Once again reports are out that our criminals rate higher, by way of standard of living, then those of our armed forces.

16. Another two billion and change to bombardier.

17. Industry Minister Brian Toban, thinks that it's more important to spend 3 billion dollars for cash-strapped farmers to surf the net, rather than receive cash bail outs.

18. After the September 11th attack, Chretien prefers to attend a liberal fund raiser in Ontario. When questioned as to why he did not visit ground zero, his reply was that the Mayor of New York advised him to stay away. Mayor Rudy Giuliani of New York later denied making such a comment at all. Sixth international embarrassment.

19. Chretien decides to hold off sending 1000 Canadian troops to Afghanistan. Wants to wait until it's safe? Chretien's reason was that British troops were fired upon.

20. Seventh international embarrassment. Britain denies that their troops were fired upon in Afghanistan.

21. The federal Employment Insurance plan has a surplus of $36 billion in the previous year, even though its own actuary says it only has $15 billion

22. The military is crippled by under funding; mechanics had to borrow batteries from the Spanish air force to keep its CF-18 jets in the air over the former Yugoslavia.

23. A home heating grants plan costing $1.4 billion put only $250 million in the hands of those who deserved it; other cheques go to high-income earners, prisoners and 7,500 dead people.
You can bet your boots that there will be more to come.

The Sponsorship Scandal:

Finally after almost 10 years, 69 percent of Canadians polled, realize what we have known all along, and that is a fact that the federal government under Jean Chretien is corrupt.

1. Auditor General reports uncontrolled government spending mounting to billions.-

2. Auditor General reports a second time that government spending is out of control. -One Example The Chretien government has placed $7.1 billion in taxpayers' money so far out of its control in a number of federally funded research foundations that it would be unable to prevent an Enron-style debacle, Tory Senator Terrance Stratton to finance committe-Ottawa Citizen.

3. The purchase of two Challenger jets at a price of 100 million dollars each at a time when CF- 18s are in badly need of repair, and the ancient Sea King helicopters are falling out of the sky.Quote from 1993. Remember the quote: " Canada does not need Cadillac aircraft, I will take my pen and write zero helicopters and I will not lose one night' sleep over it" -Jean Chretien

4. Canada's Auditor General Sheila Fraser, tells us that the Canadian forces face a dire shortage of skilled professionals that has whittled troop levels to a record low and leaves it vulnerable to a mass exodus within two years. It would take decades to get the armed forces back to today's pitiful standard.

5. Mr. Chretien boasts that he has never lost a minister to scandal. Small wonder. Almost every senior minister in his cabinet would have been forced to resign long ago under long-standing conventions, all of which the Liberals now simply flout: Martin (for protecting terrorist fundraisers), Copps (chronic cronyism), Rock (ditto), Stewart (gross incompetence), Minna (election fraud), Fry (prescription fraud), Eggleton (lying to Parliament) and, worst by far of this odious gang, the Shawinigan Graftmaster himself. By comparison, even the worst Mulroney cabinet looked clean.-Link Bifield-National Report Magazine

6. Groupaction is under RCMP investigation after a scathing report by Auditor General Sheila Fraser said bureaucrats broke nearly "every rule in the book" in awarding the company three contracts.

7. Mounties investigating three federal contracts awarded to the Montreal advertising firm Groupaction as part of a $40-million government propaganda program, mainly in Quebec. One $549,990 report was missing altogether, Chretien calls this money well spent"

8. Public Works paid a Montreal-based ad agency Groupaction $330,000 to create a communications strategy to sell the controversial Firearms Act but no work was ever delivered.(Ottawa Sun)

9. Auditor General says,"Our audit found that senior public servants responsible for managing the contracts demonstrated an appalling disregard for the Financial Administration Act, the government contracts regulations, Treasury Board policy, and rules designed to ensure prudence and probity in government procurement." Given that the same sponsorship and advertising program has spawned hundreds of contracts, and sucked close to $500 million from taxpayers' pockets over the past decade, all Canadians must surely hope the Mounties get to the bottom of this fiasco once and for all.

10. A Total of five new RCMP investigations into the Montreal-based ad agency Groupaction and the federal government.

11. The Liberals first respond to her Groupaction report, by assailing the Auditor-General's credibility.

12. Documents show three top officials in Jean Chretien's office met to discuss an internal audit of the government's sponsorship program in autumn 2000 - long before the current scandal over advertising and sponsorship contracts began to make headlines. Alliance House leader John Reynolds questioned why the government didn't act immediately to address the shady contract deals, instead of trying to keep them quiet.

13. Allegations surface that a contract to build a park interpretive center in P.E.I. was given to the company owned by the provincial Liberal party president, Tim Banks. Banks, president of APM Landmark Inc., then won a $17-million contract to lease the center back to Parks Canada over the next 49 years, said Conservative MP Peter MacKay. The government had contributed $1.3 million to build the $3.5-million center in the first place, said MacKay, who obtained the leasing contract. "We pay for it, then we rent it back," MacKay said. "While fierce Liberal loyalist Tim Banks is reaping huge rewards from this outrageous contract, who is looking out for the taxpayer?"

15. Art Eggleton donates ex-girlfriend, Maggie Maier, $36,500 for a piddling 14 page report on post stress in the armed forces. This duplicated a similar report that the defense department itself puts out.

16. Two crab processing executives in Atlantic Canada each pledged $75,000 to the Liberal leadership campaign of Brian Tobin last fall at the same time their companies were under criminal investigation by Mr. Tobin's own department for price fixing.

17. Prime Minister Jean Chrétien's ministers have learned that arrogance, promise-breaking and cronyism are tolerated, indeed condoned. When these activities are exposed, the Prime Minister's example is to admit nothing, stonewall requests, blame critics, confuse the issue and deny any problem.(Toronto Star)

18. June-Canadian Wheat Board Uses Farmers Money For Liberal Fund Raiser.

19. July-Liberals shut down probe into ad scandal. Another cover-up!

20. September-Chretiens eighth international embarrassment; Regarding 9-11, he Implied that the Americans got what they deserved. -In an interview on CBC-TV, the Prime Minister for the first time suggested the strikes against New York and Washington stemmed from a growing international anger at the way the United States flexes its muscle around the globe.-The National Post

21. October-Governor General did not call RCMP. But - Since 2000 the Defense Department paid $65 million for pilot training it never got, meaning pilots got less than half the training paid for. The contract signed with Bombardier forces DND to pay up front for training even if it's been plagued by course delays and equipment delivery setbacks.

22. October-Solicitor General Lawance Maculay resigns under pressure. Another Liberal Cabinet Minister, who was feeding his friends with tax payers money.

23. October-Ottawa has issued more social insurance numbers than there are adults in Canada; there are about 5 million extra SINs

24. October-The federal government lacks an adequate system for tracking or monitoring health care spending by the provinces

25. November-Canadian Farmers Jailed for selling their own produce.

26. November-At a diplomatic conference in Prague Chretien's top aid, Ducros calls US President Bush a "moron." He refuses all requests to accept her resignation, By doing so he in fact infers that The US President is a moron. Ninth international embarrassment

27. December-Sheila Fraser targets Ottawa's gun registry program, saying not only is the program hundreds of millions of dollars over budget, but the government kept increased costs from Parliament. Instead of the $2-million net cost predicted in 1995, the price tag on the registry is now expected to reach $1 billion by 2004. Cost over run is 900 million dollars.

28. Is this humorous or not? Environment Minister Anderson closes out the year by telling Canadians, that Chretien is a smart politician with an antenna and doesn't need to know the details about Kyoto. It was signed with a "gut feeling."
The amount of reported scandals far exceed those of any other government administration in the history of Canada prior to the Chretien administration.
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