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Liberals ravaged by Canadian newspapers (images)

Here is something that I put together. Its a collage, of sorts, of images of newspapers' front pages from across Canada for April 8th.

Talk about 'bad press'

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4/08/2005 05:32:00 PM

I really enjoyed this post and blogged it on my site. Posting the front pages really gives you an idea of the ire this fiasco has created.    

4/09/2005 12:47:00 AM

Nations that are not under imperialism have the governments (and opposition parties) they deserve. This is not only the Liberals' failure.    

4/09/2005 11:32:00 AM

"This is not only the Liberal's Failure" has to be the most assinine comments I have ever read. Opposition parties (esp Reform) have seen the whole "iron triangle" of the Liberals, Bureacrats and Mainstream Media combine to perpetuate and facilitate this corruption. Face it, Canadians have long known about the degree of corruption of the Liberals and have choosen to ignore it. The reason that they ignore it is that they are unprepared to run the risks inherent in addressing the problem. Isn't that the quinisential definition of the "Canadian Dream" - Success without Risk?    

4/11/2005 01:37:00 PM

Often commented: People get the government they deserve.
We see this clear as a bell today in Canada.
We have put up with corruption and browbeating of our fellow citizens by Chretien personally during Shawinigate. It did not seem to make a dent in anyone's psyche except for the head of the BDC who was attacked, maligned, forced to resign. Had his home raided. Any number of outrages we stood by and watched happen to this man.
We watched while Chretien used the RCMP as his own SS and we said nothing. We did not rise up in outrage over the Gun Registry 2 billion 'mismanagement' ( translation: corruption) Nor did we do anything at all about Human Resources or Indian Affairs. We are told that Sheila Fraser is NOT allowed to delve into Indian Affairs. The Liberals should not be in a position to refuse her. She is our representative not theirs. What she HAS looked into has been devastating in revealing just what lies beneath.
Further investigation will no doubt expose even further bilge and corruption.
Martin sets up Gomery only to call a halt for an election.
That they actually got in as a minority government is a disgrace.
People should have to accept some civil responsibility when contemplating voting. KNOW the issues and who one is voting for and what they stand for and what their party stands for.
That and an insistence on Parlimentary reform is mandatory for us to take our country back and act as responsible Canadians who revere this country and respect those who fought for our freedom to exercise those rights with their lives.
Our laziness and lack of respect for the responsibility inherent in citizenship is the reason why corruption flourishes and thrives.    

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