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Monday, February 14, 2005
Click link to read post:

China is hurting the U.S. dollar

Paul Martin's Hidden Agenda


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Kyoto Plan

Kyoto questions to ponder

Health Care

Click on link to read post:

Liberals on Healthcare

Its never good to depend on the state, or is it?

Sponsorship Scandal

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Could it be?

Liberals in extraordinary freefall

Is this the end of liberal rule in Canada?


Footage of Mondays question period in Parliament

Victims of their own corruption

This just in...!


Lets see what the world thinks of the Liberals

Liberals ravaged by Canadian newspapers (images)

A message from afar

Paul Martin's connection to Adscam

Liberal 'Audits'

Click on the links to access post:

Were the Liberal Party's finances "audited"? (part 1)

Were the Liberal Party's finances "audited"? (part 2)

Liberal books unaudited, Harper charges

Liberal MP formerly employed by firm that reviewed the party's books

Is Scott Brison in contempt?


Saturday, February 12, 2005
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